Adler, Elmer

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ADLER, ELMER (1884–1962), U.S. publisher and bibliophile. In 1922 Adler established Pynson Printers in New York City and began to produce books noted for excellent design and craftsmanship. A cofounder of Random House, he printed its first publication, a limited edition of Voltaire's Candide with illustrations by Rockwell Kent.

From 1930 to World War ii, he published and edited the Colophon, a quarterly in book form for bibliophiles. A few issues appeared in 1948 as the New Colophon.

In 1940 Adler dissolved the Pynson Printers, presented his magnificent library of printing and printing history to Princeton University, joined its library staff, and organized a department of graphic arts. He retired from Princeton in 1952 and moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here he built up another outstanding printing arts library and museum for the university.

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