Adler, Alexandre

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ADLER, ALEXANDRE (1950– ), French historian and journalist. After completing his studies in history, he specialized in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East and quickly became one of the most eminent French experts in geopolitics. A professor in higher military education on behalf of the French Ministry of Defense, Adler is mainly known for his contributions to newspapers, news magazines, and radio and television. He was the editorial director of the weekly Courrier International and a regular columnist for the conservative daily Le Figaro. In addition, he helped found Proche-Orient Info, a website devoted to Middle East affairs and committed to the fight against new forms of racism and antisemitism, and was appointed adviser to the chairman of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (crif). Adler published several books, among them J'ai vu finir le monde ancien (2002), an essay on the consequences of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center, and L'Odyssée Américaine (2004), a reflection on the evolution of American behavior in international affairs.

[Dror Franck Sullaper (2nd ed.)]