Adler, Hans A(rnold) 1921-2005

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ADLER, Hans A(rnold) 1921-2005

OBITUARY NOTICE— See index for CA sketch: Born November 7, 1921, in Mayen, Germany; died of pneumonia, January 29, 2005, in Captiva, FL. Economist and author. Adler was a former economist for the World Bank who was especially expert in the area of transportation. Growing up in a Jewish family in Germany, his parents sent him to school in England to avoid the growing threat of anti-Semitism and the Nazis. He graduated from Cornell University in 1941 and subsequently attended Harvard, where he earned a master's degree in 1943 and a Ph.D. in 1944, after which he was granted U.S. citizenship. He was then hired by the Federal Reserve Bank as a senior economist and did research on how attacks on Germany had affected the aircraft industry. From 1946 until 1948, while serving in the U.S. Army Air Forces, Adler was assigned to the U.S. Office of Military Government in Berlin to help the banking system in the defeated nation get back on its feet. Returning to his adopted land, he returned to Harvard to earn a law degree in 1951. He then moved to Washington, D.C., to join the U.S. Bureau of the Budget as an economist. Adler was hired by the World Bank in 1961 to be part of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Among his duties there were a post as chief transport economist and an assignment directing the Eastern Africa Projects department. Retiring in 1986, he taught economics from 1987 to 1988 at George Mason University. Adler was the author of Sector and Project Planning in Transportation (1967) and Economic Appraisal of Transport Projects (1971), as well as coauthor of Transport Investment and Economic Development (1965).



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