Adler, C(arole) S(chwerdtfeger)

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ADLER, C(arole) S(chwerdtfeger)

ADLER, C(arole) S(chwerdtfeger). American, b. 1932. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction. Career: Advertising Assistant, Worthington Corp., Harrison, NJ, 1952-54; English teacher, Niskayuna Middle Schools, New York, 1967-77. Publications: JUVENILE: The Magic of the Glits, 1979; The Silver Coach, 1979; In Our House, Scott Is My Brother, 1980; Shelter on Blue Barns Road, 1981; The Cat Was Left Behind, 1981; Down by the River, 1981; Footsteps on the Stairs, 1982; The Evidence that Wasn't There, 1982; The Once in a While Hero, 1982; Some Other Summer, 1982; Get Lost Little Brother, 1983; Roadside Valentine, 1983; The Shell Lady's Daughter, 1983; Shadows on Little Reef Bay, 1984; Fly Tree, 1984; With Westie and the Tin Man, 1985; Binding Ties, 1985; Good-bye, Pink Pig, 1985; Split Sisters, 1986; Kiss the Clown, 1986; Carly's Buck, 1987; Always and Forever Friends, 1988; If You Need Me, 1988; Eddie's Blue Winged Dragon, 1988; One Sister Too Many, 1989; The Lump in the Middle, 1989; Ghost Brother, 1990; Help, Pink Pig, 1990; A Tribe for Lexi, 1991; Mismatched Summer, 1991; Tuna Fish Thanksgiving, 1992; Daddy's Climbing Tree, 1993; Willie, The Frog Prince, 1994; That Horse Whiskey, 1994; Youn Hee & Me, 1995; What's to Be Scared of, Suki, 1996; More than a Horse, 1997; Her Blue Straw Hat, 1997; Not Just a Summer Crush, 1998; Winning, 1999; One Unhappy Horse, 2001; The No Place Cat, 2020. Address: 7041 N Cathedral Rock Pl, Tucson, AZ 85718-1303, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]