Adler, David A.

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ADLER, David A.

ADLER, David A. American, b. 1947. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Biography, Humor/Satire, Picture/board books. Career: Math teacher in New York, NY, 1968-77; author of books for young readers, 1972-; senior editor of books for young readers, 1979-90. Publications: FOR YOUNGER READERS. PICTURE BOOKS: A Little at a Time, 1976; The House on the Roof, 1976; The Children of Chelm, 1979; You Think It's Fun to Be a Clown!, 1980; My Dog and the Key Mystery, 1982; Bunny Rabbit Rebus, 1983; My Dog and the Knock Knock Mystery, 1985; My Dog and the Green Sock Mystery, 1986; My Dog and the Birthday Mystery, 1987; I Know I'm a Witch, 1988; Happy Hanukkah Rebus, 1989; Malke's Secret Recipe: A Hanukkah Story, 1989; Happy Thanksgiving Rebus, 1991; One Yellow Daffodil, 1995; Chanukkah in Chelm, 1997; The Babe and I, 1999; Andy and Tamika, 1999; School Trouble for Andy Russell, 1999; Parachuting Hamsters and Andy Russell, 2000; Andy Russell, NOT Wanted by the Police, 2001. YOUNG CAM JANSEN… SERIES: Young Cam Jansen's Chocolate Chip Mystery, 1996; …Dinosaur Count, 1996; …Loose Tooth Mystery, 1997; …Ice Skate Mystery, 1998; …and the Baseball Mystery, 1999; …and the Pizza Shop Mystery, 2000; …and the Library Mystery, 2001; … and the Double Beach Mystery, 2002. BIOGRAPHIES: Our Golda: The Story of Golda Meir, 1984; Martin Luther King Jr.: Free at Last, 1986; Thomas Jefferson: Father of Our Democracy, 1987; George Washington: Father of Our Country, 1988; Jackie Robinson: He Was the First, 1989; Thomas Alva Edison: Great Inventor, 1990; Christopher Columbus: Great Explorer, 1991; Benjamin Franklin: Inventor, Statesman, Printer, 1992; Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man, 1997; George Washington Carver, 1999; Sacagawea, 2000; America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle, 2000. A PICTURE BOOK OF … SERIES: Martin Luther King, Jr., 1989; Abraham Lincoln, 1989; George Washington, 1989; Benjamin Franklin, 1990; Thomas Jefferson, 1990; Helen Keller, 1990; Christopher Columbus, 1991; John F. Kennedy, 1991; Eleanor Roosevelt, 1991; Simon Bolivar, 1992; Florence Nightingale, 1992; Jesse Owens, 1992; Harriet Tubman, 1992; Frederick Douglass, 1993; Anne Frank, 1993; Rosa Parks, 1993; Sitting Bull, 1993; Robert E. Lee, 1994; Jackie Robinson, 1994; Sojourner Truth, 1994; Patrick Henry, 1995; Paul Revere, 1995; Davy Crockett, 1996; Thomas Edison, 1996; Louis Braille, 1997; Thurgood Marshall, 1997; Amelia Earhart, 1998, George Washington Carver, 1999; Sacagawea, 2000; Dwight David Eisenhower, 2002. NONFICTION: 3D, 2D, 1D, 1975; Roman Numerals, 1977; Redwoods Are the Tallest Trees in the World, 1978; 3-2-1 Number Fun, 1981; Calculator Fun Book, 1982; Hyperspace! Facts and Fun from All Over the Universe, 1982; Our Amazing Ocean, 1983; All About the Moon, 1983; World of Weather, 1983; Wonders of Energy, 1983; Amazing Magnets, 1983; All Kinds of Money, 1984; Prices Go Up, Prices Go Down: The Laws of Supply and Demand, 1984; Inflation: When Prices Go Up, Up, Up, 1985; Banks: Where the Money Is, 1985; A Picture Book of Jewish Holidays, 1981; A Picture Book of Passover, 1982; A Picture Book of Hanukkah, 1982; We Remember the Holocaust, 1987; The Number on My Grandfather's Arm, 1987; The Children's Book of Jewish Holidays, 1987; Breathe In, Breathe Out: All About Your Lungs, 1991; Hilde and Eli: Children of the Holocaust, 1994; Fractions Fun, 1996; Child of the Warsaw Ghetto, 1995; Kids' Catalog of Jewish Holidays, 1996; Easy Number Puzzles, 1997; Hiding from the Nazis, 1997; Shape Up: All about Triangles and Other Polygons, 1998; The Abolitionists, 2002; Heroes of the Revolution, 2002. FOR OLDER READERS. Eaton Stanley and the Mind Control Experiment, 1985; Benny, Benny, Baseball Nut, 1987; Rabbit Trouble and the Green Magician, 1987; The Many Troubles of Andy Russell, 1998; Andy and Tamika, 1999. CAM JANSEN… SERIES: Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds, 1980; Mystery of the U.F.O., 1980; Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones, 1981; Mystery of the Television Dog, 1981; Mystery of the Gold Coins, 1982; Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball, 1982; Mystery of the Circus Clown, 1983; Mystery of the Monster Movie, 1984; Mystery of the Carnival Prize, 1984; Mystery at the Monkey House, 1985; Stolen Corn Popper, 1986; Flight 54, 1988; Mystery at the Haunted House, 1992; Chocolate Fudge Mystery, 1993; Triceratops Pops Mystery, 1995; Ghostly Mystery, 1996; Scary Snake Mystery, 1997; …the Catnapping Mystery, 1998; …and the Barking Treasure Mystery, 1999; Birthday Mystery, 2000; …and the School Play Mystery, 2001; …and the First Day of School Mystery, 2002. FOURTH FLOOR TWINS ADVENTURE… SERIES: Fish Snitch Mystery, 1985; Fortune Cookie Chase, 1985; Disappearing Parrot Trick, 1986; Silver Ghost Express, 1986; Skyscraper Parade, 1987; Sand Castle Contest, 1988. JEFFREY'S GHOST ADVENTURE… SERIES: Leftover Baseball Team, 1984; Fifth Grade Dragon, 1985; Ziffel Fair Mystery, 1987. T.F. BENSON MYSTERY … SERIES: Funny Money Mystery, 1992; Dinosaur Madness Mystery, 1992; Eye Spy, 1992; Detective Dog Mystery, 1992. HOUDINI CLUB MYSTERIES: Onion Sundaes, 1994; Wacky Jacks, 1994; Lucky Stars, 1996; Magic Money, 1997. RIDDLE BOOKS: The Car Sick Zebra and Other Animal Riddles, 1983; The Twisted Witch and Other Spooky Riddles, 1985; The Purple Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Riddles, 1986; Remember Betsy Floss and Other Colonial American Riddles, 1987; The Dinosaur Princess and other Prehistoric Riddles, 1988; Wild Pill Hickok and Other Old West Riddles, 1988; A Teacher on Roller Skates and Other School Riddles, 1989; Calculator Riddles, 1995. OTHER: Hanukkah Fun Book, 1976; Passover Fun Book, 1978; Hanukkah Game Book, 1978; Bible Fun Book, 1979; Fingerspelling Fun Book, 1981; A Children's Treasury of Chassidic Tales, 1983; Jewish Holiday Fun, 1987; Cam Jansen Activity Books, 1992.