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Sukhāvatīvyūha (Skt., sukhāvatī, ‘place of happiness’, + vyūha, ‘description’). A Buddhist Mahāyāna scripture. A sūtra of the early Ratnakūṭa collection, it is also known as Amitābhavyūha, Amitābhaparivarta, or Aparimitāyur-Sūtra, ‘Sūtra of Unending Life’. The text includes a detailed description of Sukhāvatī and makes the point that whoever sincerely desires enlightenment, with a mind fixed on Amitābha, will be reborn in that wonderful world. The Sukhāvatīvyūha is the textual base of the Japanese Pure Land school of Buddhism, along with Amityāyurdhyāna-Sūtra. In Japanese, it is known as Amida-Kyō.