African Instituted Churches

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African Instituted Churches. Indigenous churches in Africa, characterized by their independence from the history (and originally missionary) churches. Hence they were first known as African Independent Churches. The initials AIC became common, so that the new and current name (adopted by the churches in question to emphasize that they are founded and led by Africans, and are not to be defined by their relationship to the historic and missionary churches) allows the same initials to be used. For examples, see AFRICAN APOSTLES; AFRICAN ISRAEL CHURCH NINEVEH; AIYETORO; ALADURA; BAYUDAYA; BRAID(E); BWITI; DÉÏMA; EAST AFRICAN REVIVAL; ETHIOPIANISM; FEDEN; GODIANISM; GOD'S KINGDOM SOCIETY; HARRIS MOVEMENT; JAMAA; KIMBANGU; KITAWALA; LUMPA CHURCH; MAI CHAZA'S CHURCH; MARIO LEGIO; MUSAMA DISCO CRISTO; NAZARITE CHURCH; PROVIDENCE INDUSTRIAL MISSION; ZION CHRISTIAN CHURCH; ZIONIST CHURCHES.