Musama Disco Christo

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Musama Disco Christo (Fanti, ‘Army of the Cross of Christ’). An independent Ghanaian Church, founded by a highly charismatic Fanti Methodist teacher, Joseph Appiah (1893–1948). In 1923, he formed his own Church after dismissal from the Methodists for pentecostal-like deviations, changed his name by revelation to Jehu-Appiah, and established a holy city, Mozano (‘God's own town’), which was moved to New Mozano near Gomoa Eshiem after his death. The polity draws on both the Akan state system and some Methodist structures, and further Methodist influences are seen in orthodox and biblical doctrinal beliefs, the layout of churches, infant baptism, holy communion (held before dawn), a strict ethic, and the Fanti hymnal.