Chentrier, Théodore (1887-1965)

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Théodore Chentrier, a French psychoanalyst, was born in Marseille on November 18, 1887, and died in Montreal on July 3, 1965. A fellow student with Charles de Gaulle and Georges Bernanos at the Jesuit school of the Immaculate Conception in Paris, he began his career teaching French and Latin. A man with an inquisitive mind, Chentrier took an interest in homeopathy, morphology, graphology, and psychopedagogy, which he practiced starting in 1927 while working for Professor Laignel-Lavastine and Doctor Vinchon at the Hôpital de la Pitié in Paris. He began his analysis with Rudolph Loewenstein on July 3, 1931, and became a member of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris (Paris Psychoanalytic Society) in 1933. A friend of Paul Jury, he practiced with him in Paris from 1944 to 1948, the year he left for Quebec.

Appointed professor of psychology at the University of Montreal in October 1948, for three years he was president of the Société de Psychanalyse de Montréal (Montreal Society for Psychoanalysis). He developed a widespread reputation from his broadcasts on Radio Canada known as "Psychologie de la Vie Quotidienne" (The Psychology of Everyday Life), an extension of his conversations with Paul Jury. The series lasted for nine years.

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