Mifflin, Thomas (1744–1800)

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MIFFLIN, THOMAS (1744–1800)

General Thomas Mifflin, a wealthy Philadelphia Quaker, was a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly and of the First and Second Continental Congresses before serving as quartermaster general of the Army (1775–1778). He was elected to Congress in 1782, and in 1783 became President of the United States in Congress Assembled. Mifflin was speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1787, when he was chosen as chairman of his state's delegation to the constitutional convention of 1787. The records of the convention do not indicate that Mifflin ever spoke in the debates, although he did sign the Constitution. In 1790 he presided over the state constitutional convention. He served as governor of Pennsylvania from 1790 to 1799, a period that included the whiskey rebellion.

Dennis J. Mahoney


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