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MIGDAL (Heb. מִגְדָּל; "Tower"), moshavah in the Ginnosar Valley, N.W. of Lake Kinneret, established in 1910 by Jews from Moscow who hired laborers to work their land. In 1921 it became a camp for Third *Aliyah pioneers working on the construction of the Tiberias–Rosh Pinnah road. These laborers founded *Gedud ha-Avodah, the "Labor Battalion," at Migdal. From 1924 Jews from England and America acquired parcels of land at Migdal and some of them went to settle. Lord *Melchett's farm was among those established at the time. After 1948 the moshavah was enlarged as new immigrants settled. In 1949 it received municipal council status. Banana, date palm, and other fruit orchards, out-of-season vegetable gardens, and dairy cattle constituted its principal farming branches. It also had resort facilities. The population numbered 535 in 1970 and 1,390 in 2002, occupying an area of 4.6 sq. mi. (12 sq. km.). The historical name of the site is *Magdala.

[Efraim Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]