Darwaza, Izzat Muhammad (Also Darwazeh; 1889–1975)

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DARWAZA, IZZAT MUHAMMAD (also Darwazeh; 1889–1975)

Palestinian pan-Arab nationalist politician and writer from Nablus. Izzat Darwaza became involved in politics while employed in the local Ottoman administration before World War I. He helped to organize the first Arab Congress of 1913, held in Paris, and after the war was an advocate for Palestinian inclusion in an independent Greater Syria. He helped to organize several Palestinian organizations, including the Society of Palestinian Youth, an armed anti-Zionist group. In 1932 he helped to establish the Istiqlal (Independence) Party, a political grouping aimed to appeal to youth, whose program was pro-independence and anti-Zionist. During the 1936–1939 Revolt, Darwaza organized guerrilla activity from Damascus on behalf of the Arab Higher Committee. He was elected delegate from Nablus to the fourth and seventh Palestinian National Congresses in the 1920s, was appointed general administrator of the Waqf in the 1930s, and served for a year on a reorganized Arab Higher Committee in 1947. He was the author of numerous articles and books dealing with Arab nationalist politics and the threat of Zionism to Arab interests.

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