Darwin's Nightmare

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Darwin's Nightmare ★★★½ 2004

Compelling documentary probing the traumatic economic and social effects on the people of Tanzania by the 1960s introduction of the non-native Nile perch fish to Lake Victoria, which has since depleted the lake of over 200 natural species. Without the guidance of voiceovers, director/ writer Sauper depicts the local citizens' poor living conditions, as they don't benefit from the country's Nile perch industry—in fact, most struggle to survive on little food (the fish are too costly) and small wages (even with the highly hazardous nature of fishing on Victoria) despite the great profits that perch shipments to Europe and Russia bring to the government. 107m/C DVD. D: Hubert Sauper; W: Hubert Sauper; C: Hubert Sauper.