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A. trunk, stem OE.;

B. supporting structure; frame of timber for punishment XIV;

C. hollow receptacle XIV;

D. massive portion of an instrument XIV; (of a gun XVI);

E. line of descent XIV; F. part of hose (upper and nether; cf. STOCKING) XV; G. fund, store (as of money) XV; quantity XVII; H. object of contemptuous treatment XVI; I. stiff neckcloth XVII. OE. stoc(c) = OS., (M)Du. stok (G. stock stick), ON. stokkr trunk, block, log :- Gmc. *stukkaz, rel. to *stukkjam piece, repr. by OE. styċċe, OS., OHG. stucki (Du. stuk, G. stück), ON. stykki; of unkn. orig. Used adj. ‘kept in stock’ XVII.
Hence stock vb. in various senses, †‘put in the stocks’ being the earliest (XIV). ‘supply with a stock of’ the latest (XVII) in appearance. Comp. stock-dove wild pigeon. XIV; perh. so called from its breeding in hollow tree-trunks. stockfish cod, etc. split open and dried. XIII. — (M)Du., (M)LG. stokvisch, variously expl. stockgillyflower plant of the genus Matthiola. XVI; so called from its woody stem; abbrev. stock XVII. stockstill motionless. XV.


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stock (gilliflower) Annual plant native to s Europe, South Africa, and parts of Asia. Cultivated as a garden flower, it has oblong leaves and pink, purple, or white flower clusters. Height: to 80cm (30in). Family Brassicaceae/Cruciferae


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stock See graft.


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stock See GRAFT.