Stobaeus, Johann

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Stobaeus, Johann

Stobaeus, Johann, eminent German composer; b. Graudenz, July 6, 1580; d. Königsberg, Sept. 11, 1646. In 1595 he went to Königsberg, where from 1599 to 1608 he was a pupil of J. Eccard; also attended the Univ. (from 1600). In 1602 he became a bass in the Electoral Kapelle; served as Kantor at the Cathedral church and school in Kneiphof, Königsberg (1603–26); then was Kapellmeister at the Königsberg court. His extant works comprise Cantiones sacrae harmoniae for 4 to 10 Voices, Item aliquot Magnificat for 5 to 6 Voices (Frankfurt am Main, 1624), compositions in other collections of the era, and many pieces in MS. See also G. Teschner, ed., J. Eccard und J. Stobaeus: Preussische Festlieder for 5 to 8 Voices (Leipzig, 1858).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire