Stobart, St. Clair (Mrs. Stobart Greenhalgh (d. 1954)

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Stobart, St. Clair (Mrs. Stobart Greenhalgh (d. 1954)

Author, playwright, and prominent figure in British Spiritualism. She was founder of the Women's Sick and Wounded Convoy Corps during the Balkan War in 1912-13, when she served with the Bulgarian Red Cross. During World War I she organized hospitals in Belgium and France for St. John's Ambulance Association, was taken prisoner by the Germans, and condemned to be shot as a spy. She survived, and in September 1915 was appointed commander of column, First Serbian English Field Hospital.

She lectured for the British Ministry of Information in Canada and Ireland (1917-18) and was a candidate for the Westminster borough at the London County Council Election of 1913. She was a founder and vice president of the SOS Society and chairman and leader of the Spiritualist Community, London, which was concerned with religious and educational aspects of Spiritualism.

She was life patron of the British College of Psychic Science and a member of the council of the World Congress of Faiths. She was an active lecturer and campaigner for the alliance between Spiritualism and Christianity. She died December 7, 1954.


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