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Geraniaceae A family of herbs or low shrubs, rarely tree-like, that have alternate lobed or compound stipulate leaves. The flowers are regular, usually pentamerous with free petals and sepals, and usually with twice as many stamens as petals, a superior 3–5-celled ovary, and usually a long beak bearing the free stigmas. The fruit is a lobed capsule, the lobes usually 1-seeded, sometimes separating. There are 14 genera, with about 730 species, in temperate and tropical zones. Garden ‘geraniums’ are varieties of Pelargonium species from S. Africa, with slightly irregular, spurred flowers.


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ge·ra·ni·um / jəˈrānēəm/ • n. a herbaceous plant or small shrub of the genus Geranium (family Geraniaceae), which comprises the cranesbills and their relatives. Geraniums bear a long narrow fruit that is said to be shaped like the bill of a crane. ∎  (in general use) a cultivated pelargonium. ∎  the scarlet color of many cultivated pelargoniums.


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geranium genus of plants with fruit shaped like a crane's bill XVI; genus Pelargonium XVIII. — L. — Gr. geránion, f. géranos CRANE.


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geranium (Pelargonium) Genus of 400 perennial plants. They bear pink, purple or white flowers. Family Geraniaceae.


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Pelargonium See GERANIACEAE.