Gérard, François Pascal Simon, Baron

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François Pascal Simon Gérard, Baron (fräNswä´ päskäl´ sēmôN´ bärôN´ zhārär´), 1770–1837, French portrait and historical painter, b. Rome. In Paris, after brief study under Pajou and others, he became a favorite pupil of J. L. David, who influenced such works as Psyche Receiving the Kiss of Cupid and Daphnis and Chloë, both in the Louvre. As a leading portraitist, Gérard was patronized by the court during the Empire and the Bourbon restoration. His portrait of Mme Récamier, of this period, is in the Louvre. Louis XVIII appointed him court painter in 1814. Many examples of his historical paintings are in the Versailles Museum. His portrait of the Countess Regnault de Saint-Jean-d'Angély (1798; Louvre) exemplifies his style of studied elegance and meticulous finish.