Geras, Adèle (Daphne Weston)

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GERAS, Adèle (Daphne Weston)

GERAS, Adèle (Daphne Weston). British (born Israel), b. 1944. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Poetry. Career: Fairfield High School, Droylsden, Lancashire, French teacher, 1968-71. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: Tea at Mrs. Manderby's, 1976; Apricots at Midnight and Other Stories from a Patchwork Quilt, 1982; Beyond the Cross Stitch Mountains, 1977; The Girls in the Velvet Frame, 1979; The Painted Garden, 1979; A Thousand Yards of Sea, 1981; The Rug That Grew, 1981; The Green behind the Glass, 1982, in U.S. as Snapshots of Paradise: Love Stories, 1984; Other Echoes, 1982; The Christmas Cat, 1983; Voyage, 1983; Letters of Fire and Other Unsettling Stories, 1984; Happy Endings, 1986; Little Elephant's Moon, 1986; Ritchie's Rabbit, 1986; Finding Annabel, 1987; Fishpie for Flamingoes, 1987; The Fantora Family Files, 1988; The Strange Bird, 1988; The Coronation Picnic, 1989; The Tower Room, 1990; My Grandmother's Stories, 1990; A Lane to the Land of the Dead, 1994; Beauty and the Beast and Other Stories, 1996; The Cats of Cuckoo Square series, 1997-98; The Little Swan series, 1997; From Lullaby to Lullaby, 1997. FOR ADULTS: (with P. Stainer) Up on the Roof (poetry), 1987; The Glittering River, 1990; Nina's Magic, 1990; A Magic Birthday, 1992; Yesterday, 1992; Watching the Roses, 1992; Pictures of the Night, 1993; Golden Windows, 1993; The Fantora Family Photographs, 1993; A Candle in the Dark, 1995; Silent Snow Secret Snow, 1998; Troy, 2001. Address: 10 Danesmoor Rd, Manchester M20 3JS, England.