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Megalopidae (tarpon; subclass Actinopterygii, order Elopiformes) A small family of marine fish that have a streamlined body and silvery scales. The mouth is in a slightly oblique position with the lower jaw protruding. All the fins are softrayed. The dorsal fin is located midway along the back, and the last ray is extended into a long, filamentous tip. The forked tail fin is indicative of a strong swimmer. There are two species, found in tropical and subtropical oceans.


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tar·pon / ˈtärpən/ • n. a large tropical marine fish (family Megalopidae) of herringlike appearance. Two species: Tarpon atlanticus, a prized Atlantic game fish, and Megalops cyprinoides of the Indo-Pacific.


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tarpon Tropical, marine game fish. Blue and bright silver, it has a long, forked tail. Length: to 1.8m (6ft); weight: to 150kg (300lb). Species include the small Pacific Megalops cyprinoides and the large Atlantic M. atlanticus. Family Elopidae.


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tarpon large game-fish. XVII. — Du. tarpoen, of unkn. orig.