Tarnished Angels

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Tarnished Angels ★★★ 1957

Reporter Burke Devlin (Hudson) is writing a story for the local New Orleans paper about a tormented trio of air circus barm-stormers. A former WWI ace, Roger Shumann (Stack) cares more about flying than he does his sizzling wife Laverne (Malone), who's loved-from-afar by loyal mechanic Jiggs (Carson). When Roger's plane cracks up, he uses his wife to obtain use of an experimental aircraft in order to win a race—and brings disaster crashing around them all. Good action, fine cast. Based on William Faulkner's 1930 novel “Pylon.” 91m/B VHS . Rock Hudson, Robert Stack, Dorothy Malone, Jack Carson, Robert Middleton, Troy Donahue, Alan Reed, Robert J. Wilke, William Schallert; D: Douglas Sirk; W: George Zuckerman; C: Irving Glassberg; M: Frank Skinner.