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Bainbridgecarriage, disparage, Harwich, intermarriage, marriage, miscarriage •undercarriage •cartridge, partridge •Selfridge • Cambridge • Bainbridge •Knightsbridge • umpirage •borage, forage, Norwich, porridge •Oxbridge • storage • drawbridge •Trowbridge • tollbridge • footbridge •courage, demurrage, encourage •umbrage • suffrage •peerage, steerage •sewerage • moorage •harbourage (US harborage) •pasturage • pilferage • anchorage •acreage • vicarage • brokerage •cellarage • Coleridge •haemorrhage (US hemorrhage) •amperage • factorage • hectarage •litreage (US literage), metreage (US meterage) • fosterage •porterage, quarterage •tutorage • average •beverage, Beveridge •leverage • overage • coverage


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Bainbridge, city (1990 pop. 10,712), seat of Decatur co., SW Ga., on the Flint River; inc. 1829. It grew up around a fort, used by Andrew Jackson, that was constructed during the Indian Wars of 1817–1821. The city is a trade and industrial center as well as an inland port and barge terminal. Industries include printing and publishing and the manufacture of carpets and yarns, cotton, harvesting equipment, brooms and mops, and outdoor lighting. Nearby Lake Seminole offers fishing, hunting, and boating.