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Copenhagen (København) Capital and chief port of Denmark on e Sjaelland and n Amager Island, in the Øresund. A trading and fishing centre by the early 12th century, it became Denmark's capital in 1443. It has a 17th-century stock exchange, the Amalienborg palace (home of the royal family) and the Christianborgs Palace. Other sights include the Tivoli Amusement Park and the Little Mermaid sculpture. The commercial and cultural centre of the nation, it has shipbuilding, chemical and brewing industries. Pop. (2001) 615,115.

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Amager (ä´mägər), island (1992 pop. 148,413), 25 sq mi (65 sq km), Copenhagen co., E Denmark, in the Øresund. Northern Amager is occupied by a part of Copenhagen city that has important shipbuilding and harbor facilities. Southern Amager includes fishing ports, beach resorts, and farms.