Amador de Los Rios, Jose°

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AMADOR DE LOS RIOS, JOSE ° (1818–1878), Spanish literary critic and historian. In addition to works on general Spanish literary history, Amador wrote Estudios históricos, políticos y literarios sobre los Judíos de España (1848, repr., 1942), which was one of the first serious studies on Spanish Jews. This work earned him a chair at Madrid University. Included in his book are numerous quotations from works by Sephardi authors, especially poets, thus introducing them to the Spanish public. His Historia social, política y religiosa de los judíos de España y Portugal (3 vols., 1875, repr. 1943) is the first comprehensive history of the Jews in Spain based on documentary sources. Though there are errors of fact and tendentious interpretations, his works are of fundamental importance.

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