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palace official residence of a king, pope, bishop XIII; stately mansion XIV; building, often spacious and attractive, for entertainment XIX. ME. paleis — OF. paleis, (also mod.) palais — L. palātium orig. name of one of the seven hills of Rome, (later) the house of Augustus there situated, the palace of the Caesars which finally covered the hill.

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pal·ace / ˈpalis/ • n. the official residence of a sovereign, archbishop, bishop, or other exalted person: the royal palace. ∎ inf. a large, splendid house.

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1. Official residence of any noble, monarch, or high dignitary, or any grand house of exceptional magnificence. The term derives from the Palatium, the Imperial residence on the Palatine hill in Rome.

2. Large public building, such as a Palais de Justice.

3. Place of entertainment, usually with architectural pretensions, such as a picture-palace or palais de danse.