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KillarneyAnnie, ca'canny, canny, cranny, Danny, fanny, granny, nanny, tranny •Ariadne, Evadne •daphne •Agni, Cagney •acne, Arachne, hackney •hootenanny •Afghani, ani, Armani, Azerbaijani, Barney, biriani, blarney, Carney, frangipani, Fulani, Galvani, Giovanni, Hindustani, Killarney, maharani, Mbabane, Modigliani, Omani, Pakistani, Rafsanjani, Rajasthani, rani, sarnie •McCartney •antennae, any, Benny, blenny, Dene, fenny, jenny, Kenny, Kilkenny, Lenny, many, penne, penny, Rennie •catchpenny • pinchpenny •pyrotechny •Bahraini, brainy, Chaney, Eugénie, grainy, Janey, Khomeini, rainy, veiny, waney, zany •halfpenny, shove-halfpenny, twopenny-halfpenny •Athene, bambini, beanie, Bellini, Bernini, bikini, Boccherini, Borromini, capellini, catenae, Cellini, Cherubini, Cyrene, Fellini, fettuccine, genie, greeny, grissini, Heaney, Houdini, Jeanie, linguine, martini, Mazzini, meanie, Mussolini, Mycenae, Paganini, Panini, porcini, Puccini, queenie, Rossellini, Rossini, Santoríni, Selene, sheeny, spaghettini, Sweeney, teeny, teeny-weeny, tortellini, Toscanini, Trini, tweeny, wahine, weeny, zucchini •monokini


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Killarney, town (1991 pop. 7,274), Co. Kerry, SW Republic of Ireland. The town, which has mineral-water bottling, footwear, lace, hosiery, woolens, and ornamental ironwork industries, is also a tourist center for the three Lakes of Killarney. The lakes occupy a wooded valley stretching south between the mountains. Lough Leane or Lower Lake is the largest; it has about 30 islands. The largest island is the "sweet Innisfallen" of Thomas Moore's poem. On the island are the ruins of an abbey founded c.600 by St. Finian. There the Annals of Innisfallen, an important historical document, were written (11th–14th cent.). The ruins of the 15th-century Muckross Abbey lie on the shore of Muckross Lake (Middle Lake or Lough Torc), which has picturesque waterfalls and limestone caves. Upper Lake is the third lake. In the town is the cathedral of the diocese of Kerry, designed by A. W. Pugin.