Kill the Poor

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Kill the Poor ★★ 2006

When Joe's wife becomes pregnant, it's clear that their marriage of convenience will suddenly take emotional root and they'd better grow up, right now. Rather than moving out of their New York squatter building in the Lower East Side, Joe decides to become its co-op president, fighting off crackheads with a baseball bat and sleeping in the lobby as night security. Dark comedies normally only work if the comedy part is exercised. This one needs to lighten up. Labor of love for director Alan Taylor, who struggled to adapt Joel Rose's tragicomic novel for 15 years. 84m/ C DVD . US David Krumholtz, Clara Bellar, Paul Calderon, Larry (Lawrence) Gilliard Jr., Jon Budinoff, Cliff Gorman, Damian Young, Heather Burns, Otto Sanchez, Zak Orth; D: Alan Taylor; W: Daniel Handler; C: Harlan Bosmajian; M: Michel Delory, Anna Domino.