Kill, Baby, Kill

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Kill, Baby, Kill ★★★ Curse of the Living Dead; Operacione Paura 1966

A small Transylvania town is haunted by the ghost of a seven-year-old witchcraft victim, and the town's suicide victims all seem to have hearts of gold (coins, that is). Lots of style and atmosphere in this Transylvanian tale from horror tongue in cheekster Bava. Considered by many genre connoisseurs to be the B man's finest, except that it bears early symptoms of the director's late onset infatuation with the zoom shot. 83m/ C VHS, DVD . IT Erika Blanc, Giacomo “Jack” Rossi-Stuart, Fabienne Dali, Giana Vivaldi; D: Mario Bava; W: Mario Bava; C: Antonio Rinaldi; M: Carlo Rustichelli.