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Apia (äpē´ə), town (1983 est. pop. 35,000), capital of Samoa, on the northern coast of Upolu island. The economic, social, and political center of Samoa, Apia is the nation's only port and city. Through its harbor bananas, copra, and cocoa are exported, and cotton goods, motor vehicles, meats, and sugar are imported. At the western end of the harbor is Mulinu'u, the old ceremonial capital of a Samoan kingdom. A campus of the Univ. of the South Pacific is in Apia. Robert Louis Stevenson is buried on a hill overlooking the city; his former home, Vailima, served as the residence of the New Zealand high commissioner.

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Western Samoa is a group of mountainous South Pacific islands with a population of about 165,000. Since 1962 they have been formed into an independent nation and joined the Commonwealth in 1970. The capital is Apia and the main crops are copra, cocoa, and bananas. In 1899 eastern Samoa was annexed by the USA, Western Samoa by Germany. In 1914 troops from New Zealand, 1,600 miles to the south, occupied Western Samoa and it became a New Zealand mandate in 1920.

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