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(1) In the Koran, Hūd is the collective noun for Jews (Sura 2:105, 129, 134, 62:6), and the root hwd in two forms denotes the belief in Judaism (Sura 2:59; 4:48; 158–60, and see *Yahūd, Yahūd (i)). (2) The apostle Hūd was the earliest of the five apostles to be sent to the Arabs; the other four were Sālīh, *Abraham, Shuʿayb (*Jethro), and *Muhammad (e.g., Sura 7:63–71; 11:52–64). Some commentators occasionally identify Hūd with Eber (cf. Gen. 11:14). Hūd rebuked the tribe of ʿĀd, to whom he was sent, but they did not listen to his words and were all annihilated, with the exception of Hūd and a few of his followers (Sura 11:61). The assumption has long since been raised that Hūd was an allegorical figure who emerged as a result of the influence of Judaism.


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[Haïm Z'ew Hirschberg]


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Hud ★★★★ 1963

Newman is a hard-driving, hard-drinking, woman-chasing young man whose life is a revolt against the principles of stern father Douglas. Neal is outstanding as the family housekeeper. Excellent photography. Based on the Larry McMurtry novel “Horseman, Pass By.” 112m/B VHS, DVD . Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Neal, Brandon de Wilde, John Ashley; D: Martin Ritt; W: Irving Ravetch, Harriet Frank Jr.; C: James Wong Howe; M: Elmer Bernstein. Oscars ‘63: Actress (Neal), B&W Cinematog., Support. Actor (Douglas); British Acad. ‘63: Actress (Neal); Natl. Bd. of Review ‘63: Actress (Neal), Support. Actor (Douglas); N.Y. Film Critics ‘63: Actress (Neal), Screenplay.


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Hūd. A prophet, according to Qurʾān (in sūras 7, 11, 26, 46, 49), among the ʿĀd, demonstrating that God has sent messengers to more peoples than Jews and Christians.


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HUD / həd / • abbr. ∎  (Department of) Housing and Urban Development. ∎  head-up display.


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HUD Aeronautics, Computing head-up display
• (USA) (Department of) Housing and Urban Development

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