Hucbald (Hugbaldus, Ubaldus, Uchubaldus)

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Hucbald (Hugbaldus, Ubaldus, Uchubaldus)

Hucbald (Hugbaldus, Ubaldus, Uchubaldus), Flemish monk, music theorist, and composer; b. in or near Tournai, c.840; d. Saint-Amand, near Tournai, June 20, 930. He was a pupil of his uncle Milo, director of the singing school at Saint-Amand, and then was himself director of a similar school at Nevers. He subsequently returned to Saint-Amand and succeeded his uncle. His only extant treatise is De Harmonica Institutione, a guide to chant singing in which he developed a systematic approach to music. Several of his compositions are also extant.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Hucbald (Hugbaldus, Ubaldus, Uchubaldus)

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