Hubert of Maastricht, St.

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Bishop, count Palatine; b. c. 655; d. Tervueren, near Brussels, May 30, 727. Leaving the world, Hubert worked under St. lambert of maastricht. He succeeded Lambert as bishop of Tongres-Maastricht in 705 and is responsible for converting the last pagans of the Ardennes. In 717 or 718 he moved Lambert's remains and the episcopal seat to Liège. Hubert's own relics were transported to the Abbey of saint-hubert in the Ardennes in 825 but were lost during the Reformation. In the late Middle Ages he became the protector against mad dogs because of a miraculous stole supposedly given him by the Blessed Virgin. Hubert and St. Eustaceand many other saintswere supposed to have been converted by seeing a stag with a cross between its antlers, and hence they are patrons of hunters. Hubert's cult has been popular also with artists and noblemen. A confraternity, the two military orders of saint hubert, and the city of Liège claimed Hubert as patron.

Feast: Nov. 3.

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