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booth / boō[unvoicedth]/ • n. 1. a small temporary tent or structure, used esp. for the sale or display of goods at a market or fair: there are booths offering everything from accessories to food to health care. ∎  a small room where a vendor sits separated from customers by a window: a ticket booth. 2. an enclosure or compartment for various purposes, such as telephoning, broadcasting, or voting: the phone booth alongside the highway ex-athletes in the broadcast booth. 3. a set of a table and benches in a restaurant or bar: I sat in a booth with coffee and a roll.

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booth temporary dwelling; covered stall. XII. — OEast Norse *bóð (Sw., Da. bod stall, shop) = OIcel. búð dwelling, f. East Norse bóa = OIcel. búa dwell (see BOWER1).

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boothbooth, smooth, soothe •tollbooth (US tolbooth)

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