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1. Room in medieval houses for the exclusive use of women, therefore the precursor of the boudoir.

2. Small dwelling in the country, or a cottage, therefore a cottage orné or deliberately rustic building in a Romantic, Picturesque landscape.

3. Gazebo or other similar garden-building.

4. Shady recess, leafy covert, or place closed in or overarched with branches, deliberately created to look ‘natural’ in a garden or landscape.

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bowerbower, cower, devour, dower, embower, empower, endower, flour, flower, gaur, Glendower, glower, hour, lour, lower, our, plougher (US plower), power, scour, shower, sour, Stour, sweet-and-sour, tower •Beckenbauer • Eisenhower •Schopenhauer • safflower •passion flower • bellflower •mayflower • cauliflower • wallflower •cornflour, cornflower •sunflower • elderflower • man-hour •Adenauer • manpower • brainpower •willpower • horsepower • firepower •water power • rush hour •watchtower

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bow·er / ˈbou(-ə)r/ • n. a pleasant shady place under trees or climbing plants in a garden or wood. bow·er2 (also bower anchor) • n. each of two anchors carried at a ship's bow.

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bower1 †dwelling; inner apartment, lady's apartment OE.; arbour XVI. OE. būr = OS., OHG. būr (G. bauer birdcage), ON. búr :- Gmc. *būraz, -am, f. *bū- dwell :- IE. *bhū- (see BE).

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bower2 either of two anchors carried at the bows. XVII. In full bower anchor, f. BOW3 + -ER1.