De Lancie, John 1948–(John DeLancie, John deLancie)

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de LANCIE, John 1948(John DeLancie, John deLancie)


Born March 20, 1948, in Philadelphia, PA; son of John (a professional oboist) and Andrea de Lancie; married Marnie Mosiman (an actress); children: Keegan (an actor), another son. Education: Attended Kent State University and Juilliard. Avocational Interests: Sailing.

Addresses: Agent SDB Partners, Inc., 1801 Avenue of the Stars, #902, Los Angeles, CA 90067; Stone Manners Agency, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550, Los Angeles, CA 90048; Brady, Brannon & Rich, 5670 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 820, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Career: Actor, producer, director, and writer. Seattle Repertory Company, member, 1980c. 1981; L.A. Philharmonic Young Peoples Concerts, resident narrator, 199899; Alien Voices (production company), coowner (with Leonard Nimoy); previously worked at L.A. Theater Works, as associate artistic director; previously member of American Shakespeare Festival at Stratford; performed with numerous orchestras in North America; Compaq computers, spokesperson.

Awards, Honors: Soap Opera Digest Awards, outstanding actor in a supporting role in a daytime soap opera, 1984, 1985, Soap Opera Digest Award nomination, outstanding comic relief role on a daytime serial, 1986, all for Days of Our Lives.


Film Appearances:

Legacy, Arthur Productions, 1975.

LAPD lieutenant #2, The Onion Field, AVCO Embassy Pictures, 1979.

Alan, Loving Couples, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1980.

Blood Red, Nelson, 1989.

Howard, Bad Influence, Triumph Releasing Corp., 1990.

Ted Bradford, Jr., vice president of High Quality Foods, Taking Care of Business (also known as Filofax ), Buena Vista, 1990.

TV executive, The Fisher King, TriStar, 1991.

Paul/Walter Thackary, Missing Pieces, Orion, 1991.

Dr. Victor Mott, OB/GYN, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Buena Vista, 1992.

Difford, Arcade, Paramount, 1993.

Jeff Gordon, Fearless, Warner Bros., 1993.

Arthur Martin, Schemes, Bristol Entertainment, 1994.

Himself, Journey's EndThe Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Paramount, 1995.

Ted, Multiplicity, Columbia, 1996.

(Uncredited) Himself, Trekkies (documentary), Paramount, 1997.

(Uncredited) Voice of letter reader, Saving Private Ryan, DreamWorks, 1998.

Q, Star Trek World Tour, 1998.

Voice of Colonel John "Jack" Lynch, Gen 13 (animated short film), Hollywood Pictures, 1998.

Various, Roswell: The Unheard Broadcast, 2000.

Alex Reeves, Woman on Top, Twentieth CenturyFox, 2000.

Nathan Eastman, Quality Time (also known as For What It's Worth ), Film Club Productions, 2000.

Dr. Fisher, The Catch (short film), 2001.

(As John DeLancie) Ted, Good Advice, Family Room Entertainment, 2001.

Nicolas, 2001.

Dr. Gene Kramer, Patient 14, 2003.

Himself, Four Fingers of the Dragon (animated short film), 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

Eugene Bradford, Days of Our Lives (also known as DOOL and Days ), NBC, 19821986, 1989.

Q, a recurring role, Star Trek: The Next Generation, syndicated, 19871994.

Bob Adams, Trial and Error, CBS, 1988.

Professor Janos Bartok, Legend, UPN, 1995.

Voice of Dr. Benton C. Quest (alternating), The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated; also known as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures ), Cartoon Network and syndicated, 19961997.

Q, a recurring role, Star Trek: Voyager, UPN, 19962001.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Timothy Armagh, Captains and the Kings, NBC, 1976.

Jerome Eaton, Testimony of Two Men, syndicated, 1977.

Ray Chilton, Aspen (also known as The Innocent and the Damned ), NBC, 1977.

Henry, Black Beauty, NBC, 1978.

Lieutenant Stark, The Bastard (also known as The Kent Chronicles ), syndicated, 1978.

Pierre Goodman, Scruples, CBS, 1980.

Alastair MacQueen, The Thorn Birds, ABC, 1983.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Bob Connors, SST: Death Flight (also known as Death Flight, Flight of the Maiden, and SST: Disaster in the Sky ), ABC, 1977.

Frank Vaughn, Little Women, NBC, 1978.

Willy Pitts, Nightside, ABC, 1980.

Dr. Christiansen, The Miracle of Kathy Miller, CBS, 1981.

John Van Fossen, Houston: The Legend of Texas (also known as Gone to Texas ), CBS, 1986.

Bobby Holicker, On Fire, 1987.

Major Waterhouse, Get Smart, Again!, Fox, 1989.

Lee Drexel, Kennonite, ABC, 1989.

Jeffrey Howell, Angel of Death, CBS, 1990.

Q, Star Trek: The Next GenerationAll Good Things ... (also known as All Good Things ... ), syndicated, 1994.

Barry Steinbrenner, Without Warning, CBS, 1994.

Thomas Newmeyer, Deep Red, SciFi Channel, 1994.

Stansfield, Raven Hawk (also known as Ravenhawk ), HBO, 1996.

Russell Bennett, Evolver, SciFi Channel, 1996.

Captain George W. Bouchard, Final Descent, CBS, 1997.

Lyle, You Lucky Dog, The Disney Channel, 1998.

Border Line, NBC, 1999.

Vaughn Clay, The Big Time, TNT, 2002.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Clark, The Man with the Power, NBC, 1977.

Q, Star Trek: The Next GenerationEncounter at Farpoint (also known as Encounter at Farpoint ), 1987.

Edward Stevens, "Things That Go Bump in the Night," Christine Cromwell, ABC, 1989.

Kevin, Working, NBC, 1997.

Captain George W. Bouchard, Final Run, CBS, 1999.

Television Appearances; Specials:

The 16th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, NBC, 1989.

Himself, Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (documentary), 1991.

Himself, Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond (documentary), UPN, 1996.

The First Men in the Moon, SciFi Channel, 1997.

The Lost World, SciFi Channel, 1998.

Alien Voices: A Halloween Trilogy, SciFi Channel, 1998.

Narrator, Are You Being Watched? (documentary), The Discovery Channel, 1999.

(In archive footage) Ultimate Trek: Star Trek's Greatest Moments, UPN, 1999.

Narrator, Deadly Bugs, The Discovery Channel.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Medic, "Death Probe," The Six Million Dollar Man, 1977.

"Sharks: Parts 1 & 2," The Six Million Dollar Man, 1977.

"The Steel Inferno," Emergency!, NBC, 1978.

Sargent Chapman, "Just a Matter of Time," The Six Million Dollar Man, ABC, 1978.

Mitchell Grady II, "Terror on a Quiet Afternoon," Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1978.

Dr. DeRoy, "What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing ... ?," Emergency!, NBC, 1978.

Officer, "Experiment in Terra," Battlestar Galactica, ABC, 1979.

John, "Garbage Man/Doctor's Wife," Time Express, CBS, 1979.

Dr. DeRoy, "The Convention," Emergency!, NBC, 1979.

John Irvin, "Might As Well Be Dead," Nero Wolfe, NBC, 1981.

Groom, "The Wedding," It's a Living, ABC, 1981.

The dispatcher, "Dead Run," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1986.

Brian Ashford, "The Escape," MacGyver, ABC, 1986.

Binky Holborn, "If the Frame Fits," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1986.

Cary Deveraux, "The Perfect Man," The New Gidget, 1986.

Lucius Cain, "High Noon," Hooperman, ABC, 1988.

Matthew Drake, "The Killer," Mission: Impossible, ABC, 1988.

Mark Chelios, "The Beverly Hills Hangers," L.A. Law, NBC, 1991.

Wicks, "Good Night, Sweet Charlotte," The Young Riders, ABC, 1992.

"Pro Se Can You See," Civil Wars, ABC, 1992.

Voice of Eagleton, "The Mechanic," Batman: The Animated Series (animated), Fox, 1993.

Voice of Eagleton, "Blind as a Bat," Batman: The Animated Series (animated), Fox, 1993.

Q, "QLess," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, syndicated, 1993.

Gandolf Reicher, "Beautiful Songbird," Time Trax, syndicated, 1993.

Dr. Levinson, "The Haunted," Matlock, ABC, 1993.

Mitchell Garron, esquire, "Chapter Thirteen," Murder One, ABC, 1996.

District Attorney, "Three Weddings and a Meltdown," Picket Fences, CBS, 1996.

Voice of construction worker/Blaine, "Undersea Urgency," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of screaming guard, "Nemesis," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of guard, "DNA Doomsday," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of agent, "Without a Trace," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of Moffat, "Village of the Doomed," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1996.

Voice of first guard, "Digital Doublecross," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated), 1997.

Mr. McFadden, "Spontaneous Combustion," Dave's World, CBS, 1997.

Voice of Tyler Fitzgerald, "From Brad to Worse," Duckman (animated), USA Network, 1997.

Dr. David Lynk, "And That About Concludes Our Session," Spy Game, ABC, 1997.

Justinian Jones, "Jones vs. God," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1997.

Mr. Lux, "Beat the Clock," Fired Up, NBC, 1997.

Voice of Kirilin, "Heart of Darkness," Extreme Ghostbusters (animated), syndicated, 1997.

"Race with the Devil," The Practice, ABC, 1997.

Mr. Lux, "Mission: And AHopin," Fired Up, NBC, 1998.

Jackson Poile, "Making Spirits Bright," Ally McBeal, Fox, 1998.

Donald Finley, "The Gun," The Outer Limits, Showtime and syndicated, 2000.

Al Kiefer, "20 Hours in L.A.," The West Wing, NBC, 2000.

Bert Stors, "April Is the Cruelest Month," Sports Night, ABC, 2000.

Al Kiefer, "Mandatory Minimums," The West Wing, NBC, 2000.

Marshall Gilder, "The Face," Secret Agent Man, UPN, 2000.

Walter Bannish, "Payback," The Practice, ABC, 2001.

Uncle Sid, "The Pearls That Were His Eyes," Andromeda, syndicated, 2001.

"The Eve," Special Unit 2, UPN, 2001.

Himself, "Star Trek Edition," Weakest Link, NBC, 2001.

Colonel Frank Simmons, "The Fifth Man," Stargate SG1, Showtime and syndicated, 2001.

Colonel Frank Simmons, "Ascension," Stargate SG1, Showtime and syndicated, 2001.

Colonel Frank Simmons, "Desperate Measures," Stargate SG1, Showtime and syndicated, 2001.

Colonel Frank Simmons, "Red Sky," Stargate SG1, Showtime and syndicated, 2001.

Colonel Frank Simmons, "48 Hours," Stargate SG1, Showtime and syndicated, 2002.

Colonel Frank Simmons, "Prometheus," Stargate SG1, Showtime and syndicated, 2002.

Frank Newburg, "Privilege," The Guardian, CBS, 2002.

Medical examiner, "Payback," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2002.

Sid Barry, "Cui Bono," Andromeda, syndicated, 2002.

Voice of Agent Darkbootie (disguised), "Battle of the Planets," Invader ZIM (animated), Nickelodeon, 2002.

Dr. Eagan, "Picture of Perfect," Judging Amy, CBS, 2003.

(As John DeLancie) Voice of Sinestro, "The Green Loon-tern," Duck Dodgers (animated), Cartoon Network, 2003.

Also appeared as Agent Darkbootie, "ZIM Eats Waffles," Invader ZIM (animated), Nickelodeon.

Television Work; Series:

Producer, Return to Area 51, The Discovery Channel, 2002.

Television Executive Producer (Alien Voices); Specials:

Alien Voices: A Halloween Trilogy, SciFi Channel, 1998.

The Lost World, SciFi Channel, 1998.

Stage Appearances:

Appeared as Jack Tanner, Man and Superman; Humphrey, The Common Pursuit.

Radio Appearances:

Appeared as Cassius, Julius Caesar, BBC Radio.

Radio Director:

Directed Fallen Angel; The Play's the Thing; The Waldorf Conference; Invasion from Mars; When Welles Collide.


Video Games:

Voice of Q, Star Trek: Borg, Simon & Schuster Interactive, 1996.

Voice of Matthew "Dr. Death" Jackson, Outlaws, 1997.

Voice of Antonio Malochio, Interstate '76, 1997.

Voice of Q, Star Trek: The Game Show, 1998.

Voice of Montreaux, Gabriel Knight: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, Sierra OnLine, 1999.

Voice of Trias, Planescape: Torment, 1999.

Tape Readings; with Others:

The Lost World, Simon & Schuster Audio, 1997.

Journey to the Center of the Earth, Simon & Schuster Audio, 1997.

Time Machine, Simon & Schuster Audio, 1997.

The Invisible Man, Simon & Schuster Audio, 1998.

The First Men in the Moon, Simon & Schuster Audio, 1998.

"Star Trek: Spock vs. Q," Alien Voices, Simon & Schuster Audio, 1999.


Television Specials:

Alien Voices: A Halloween Trilogy, SciFi Channel, 1998.


Wrote (with Peter David) I, Q.; (with Tom Cool) Soldier of Light.

Comic Books:

Wrote an issue of Star Trek: The Next Generation, DC Comics.

Lancie, John (Sherwood) de

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Lancie, John (Sherwood) de (b Berkeley, Calif., 1921; d Walnut Creek, Calif., 2002). Amer. oboist and teacher. Oboist, Pittsburgh SO 1940–2. Served in US Army and in 1945 was at Garmisch where he met Richard Strauss and inquired if he had ever thought of writing an ob. conc. Strauss said ‘No’, but a conc. soon followed (which de Lancie recorded). Oboist, Philadelphia Orch. 1946–74 (prin. from 1954). Teacher at Curtis Inst. 1954–74, dir. 1977–85. Commissioned and gave f.p. of Françaix's L'horloge de Flore (Philadelphia 1961) and Benjamin Lees's ob. conc. (1963).

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