John de Ridevall

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Franciscan writer, fl. 1331 to 1340. He was the 54th lector at the Franciscans' Oxford Convent, 133132, and was also known as John of Musca. He became a doctor of theology c. 1331. A number of theological and philosophical works are attributed to him. He wrote a Commentarius super Fulgencium (Venice, St. Mark's manuscript 139, codex, F. 121136) in which, like nicho las trevet and the Franciscan, john of wales, he considers classical mythology as a reservoir of moralizing subject matter for the use of preachers. A similar commentary, Ovidii metamorphoseos fabule ccxviii moraliter exposite (Cambridge, Eng., Public Library 1:11, 20 F. 162199) is now usually ascribed to Peter Bersuire rather than to John. Books 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 of John's commentary on St. Augustine's De civitate Dei are extant (Manuscripts Oxford C.C.C. 186 and 187, by Jo. Rydevallis or Rydewall, Friar Minor). There is a commentary on the Apocalypse, Lectura super Apocalypsi, at St. Mark's, Venice (Classification 1, manuscript 139, folios 110119). A commentary on the letter of Valerius to Rufinus, In Valerium ad Rufinum de uxore non ducenda (Manuscripts Cambridge, Public Library, Mm 1, 18, 5), often ascribed to John, shows a similarity to John of Wales.

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