Giacomo del Duca

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Duca, Giacomo del (c.1520–1604). Known also as Jacopo Siciliano or Ciciliano, he was born in Cefalù, Sicily, and eventually became a pupil of Michelangelo in Rome. He completed the Master's Porta Pia (1562–5), and designed the Porta San Giovanni (1573–4). He also completed the drum, dome, and lantern of Santa Maria di Loreto (1573–7), near Trajan's column, and designed parts of the piazza before the Palazzo Farnese, Caprarola (1584–6), including the curved ramps, as well as the upper garden with its elaborate water-chain of contorted dolphins.


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del Duca, Giacomo (c.1520–1604). See Duca.