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piazzaamasser, gasser, macassar, Makassar, Mombasa, Nasser •relaxer, waxer •salsa •cancer, romancer •piazza • necromancer • madrasa •Kinshasa, Lhasa, passer, Tarrasa, Vaasa •advancer, answer, chancer, dancer, enhancer, lancer, prancer •tazza •addresser, aggressor, assessor, compressor, confessor, contessa, depressor, digresser, dresser, guesser, intercessor, lesser, Odessa, oppressor, possessor, professor, represser, successor, transgressor, Vanessa •Alexa, flexor, vexer •Elsa, Kielce •censer, censor, dispenser, fencer, Mensa, sensor, Spenser •seltzer •Faenza, Henze •indexer • hairdresser • predecessor •microprocessor, processor •acer, bracer, chaser, debaser, embracer, facer, macer, mesa, pacer, placer, racer, spacer, tracer •Ailsa • steeplechaser •greaser, Lisa, Nerissa, piecer, Raisa, releaser •pizza

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1. Open space, square, or market-place, surrounded by buildings and approached by various streets.

2. In C17 and C18 a roofed arcade or colonnade with buildings above, as at Covent Garden, London, (1631–3), by Inigo Jones.

3. Any covered way, colonnaded walk, or pentice.

4. Open porch or verandah (US).

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pi·az·za / pēˈätsə; pēˈazə/ • n. 1. / pēˈätsə/ a public square or marketplace, esp. in an Italian town. 2. / pēˈazə/ the veranda of a house.

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piazza public square XVI; (erron.) colonnade, covered ambulatory XVII; (U.S.) veranda XVIII. — It. piazza = F. place PLACE.