Piano Tuner of Earthquakes

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Piano Tuner of Earthquakes ★★ L'Accordeur de trem-blements de terre 2005

Appropriately bizarre but unfortunately stale experimental film from the Quay brothers has beautiful opera star Malvina (Casar) killed before her weding by the evil Dr. Droz (John), who then steals her corpse to revive it. He then hires piano tuner Felsiberto (Sasachu) to write and choreograph an opera depicting the events. Since he resembles her former love, Malvina falls in love with him and he plots their escape. Interesting staging and visuals can't make up for the many weaknesses. 99m/C DVD . FR GB GE Amira Casar, Gottfried John, Assumpta Serna, Cesar Sarachu; D: Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay; W: Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay; C: Nicholas D. Knowland; M: Christopher Slaski.