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veranda, verandah. Light external open gallery, or covered way, with a sloping or lean-to roof carried by slender (usually metal) columns or posts, attached to a building, often in front of the windows of the principal rooms, affording shelter from the sun as well as a pleasant external seating area with access from French windows. Sometimes it can be very decorative, with trellis-work and plants, and may extend all round a house, forming a skirt-roof. It was a feature that became popular from the early C19.


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ve·ran·da / vəˈrandə/ (also ve·ran·dah) • n. a roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with the ground floor.DERIVATIVES: ve·ran·daed adj.


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veranda(h) XVIII. — Hindi varandā — Pg. varanda, †Sp. baranda railing, balustrade, balcony, of unkn. orig.