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trellisAlice, chalice, challis, malice, palace, Tallis •aurora australis •Ellis, trellis •necklace •aurora borealis, Baylis, digitalis, Fidelis, rayless •ageless • aimless • keyless •amaryllis, cilice, Dilys, fillis, Phyllis •ribless • lidless • rimless •kinless, sinless, winless •lipless • witless • annus mirabilis •annus horribilis • syphilis •eyeless, skyless, tieless •polis, solace, Wallace •joyless •Dulles, portcullis •accomplice •Annapolis, Indianapolis, Minneapolis •Persepolis •acropolis, cosmopolis, Heliopolis, megalopolis, metropolis, necropolis •chrysalis • surplice • amice • premise •airmiss • Amis • in extremis • Artemis •promise •pomace, pumice •Salamis •dermis, epidermis, kermis

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1. Any screen-work made of thin strips (usually timber laths) crossing each other, either at 90° or set diagonally, forming a lattice of lozenge-shapes, as in an arbour or any framework supporting vines or other plants.

2. Stone enrichment of the Romanesque period resembling a wooden trellis composed of fillets, giving the appearance of continuous overlapping chevrons set between two horizontal framing mouldings. The chevron-strips are frequently decorated with stud-like elements perhaps suggesting nails.

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trel·lis / ˈtrelis/ • n. a framework of light wooden or metal bars, chiefly used as a support for fruit trees or climbing plants. • v. (-lised , -lis·ing ) [tr.] [usu. as adj.] (trellised) provide with or enclose in a trellis: a trellised archway. ∎  support (a climbing plant) with a trellis.

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trellis grating used as a support or screen. XIV. ME. trelis — OF. trelis, -ice :- Rom. *trilīcius, -ia, f. L. trilīx, -līc-, f. TRI- + līcium thread of a warp.

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