Duc, Louis-Joseph

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Duc, Louis-Joseph (1802–79). Paris-born French architect, he restored and extended the Palais de Justice, Paris (1840–79): the Cour des Assises, Salles des Pas Perdus, and the façade on the Rue de Harlay (1857–68) are particularly robust, anticipating Beaux-Arts Classicism of forty years later. With Duban, Labrouste, and Vaudoyer he was one of the more radical architects of the 1830s. He was responsible for completing the Colonne de Juillet, Place de la Bastille, Paris (1835–40—originally designed by J. -A. Alavoine), which is an eclectic mix of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Renaissance motifs. He also designed the Lycée Michelet, Vanves (1862), in a Lombardic Gothic style.


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