Louis Darabant to Eleanor Roosevelt

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Louis Darabant to Eleanor Roosevelt

12 November 1947 [Cleveland]

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:

We the students of Thomas A. Edison School were discussing United Nation Organization problems and we came across this question, "Why doesn't the General Assembly start immediate action for a United Nation's Army?" Why not set aside political problems for the time being because these problems will always arise from time to time. Just how could the U.N. enforce the peace if a war were to break out now?1

What about the Dutch and Indonesian Civil War for instance?2 Shouldn't a U.N. Army be on hand to settle those outbreaks? You don't need an Army when there is peace, why not organize one now to get peace in the world?

                                           Sincerely yours,

                                           Louis J. Darabant


After reading the student's letter, ER then dictated the following response.3