Louis d' Aleman, Bl.

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Cardinal archbishop; b. Arbent-en-Bugey, c. 1390;d. Salonne, near Arles, France, Sept. 17, 1450. Educated in theology and Canon Law, he rose rapidly in the Church. Pope martin v attached him to his person and entrusted him with difficult assignments at the Council of Siena. Louis later took a leading role at the Council of Basel, nominating Amadeus VIII of Savoy as antipope Felix V (1439). For this he was excommunicated by eugene iv. After the death of the pope, Felix resigned in favor of the newly elected nicholas v, who forgave all connected with the schism. Louis recanted and was restored to his dignities. He died the following year with a reputation for sanctity. He was proclaimed blessed by Pope clement vii in 1527.

Feast: Sept. 16 (formerly 17).

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Louis d' Aleman, Bl.

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