Rothesay, David Stewart, 1st duke of

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Rothesay, David Stewart, 1st duke of [S] (1378–1402). First son and heir of Robert III of Scotland. Known as earl of Carrick when his father succeeded, he was created duke in 1398, along with his uncle Robert, duke of Albany, presumably to hold the balance between them, as rivals. Rothesay gained the advantage in 1399 when he was appointed king's lieutenant for three years, giving him power on behalf of his incapacitated father. He beat off attacks by ‘Hotspur’ (Henry Percy) and by Henry IV himself. But early in 1402 he was seized on his way to St Andrews and died shortly after at Falkland. Though Albany was formally exonerated, suspicion lingered. Rothesay's death left his brother James to succeed on his father's death in 1406.

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