Archibald Douglas 4th earl of Douglas

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Douglas, Archibald Douglas, 4th earl of [S], lord of Galloway and Annandale, duke of Touraine (c.1372–1424). Son and heir of Archibald ‘the Grim’, 3rd earl of Douglas [S], and later nicknamed ‘the Tyneman’ (the Loser), perhaps because of his participation in so many battles on the losing side (Homildon, 1402; Shrewsbury, 1403; Verneuil, 1424), in the process losing his liberty, various parts of his anatomy, and ultimately his life. Earl Archibald was none the less a magnate of immense power and influence, the dominating force in southern Scotland and one of the triumvirate (with Albany and Mar) who controlled the country during the captivity of James I.

Latterly Douglas supported the cause of Charles VII of France against the English, and was thus prudently absent from Scotland on James I's return there in the spring of 1424. Created lieutenant-general of the French army and duke of Touraine, Douglas was killed in battle against John, duke of Bedford's forces at Verneuil in Perche (August 1424).

Norman Macdougall

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