Archila, Andrés (1913–2002)

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Archila, Andrés (1913–2002)

Andrés Archila (b. 24 December 1913, d. 2 March 2002), Guatemalan violinist and musical conductor. Archila was the son of Andrés Archila Tejada, director of a well-known marimba band. Recognized as a prodigy and violin virtuoso, Archila studied at the Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome. After returning to Guatemala in 1944, he promoted the organization of the National Symphony Orchestra, of which he was conductor until 1959, when he moved to the United States. For more than twenty-five years he was third violin in the National Symphony Orchestra as well as associate director of the Washington Symphonic Orchestra in Washington, D.C. He also founded and played first violin in the Pan American Union String Quartet.

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