David, Clifford 1932–

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DAVID, Clifford 1932–


Born June 30, 1932, in Toledo, OH.

Career: Actor.


Film Appearances:

Tom, Street of Sinners, United Artists, 1957.

Richard Walters (a convict), The Last Mile, United Artists, 1959.

Crane Adams, Invitation to a Gunfighter, United Artists, 1964.

Carson, The Party's Over, 1965, Allied Artists, 1986.

"Big Mary" Sheldon, Riot, Paramount, 1969.

Joe Warren, The Betsy (also known as Harold Robbins' The Betsy), Allied Artists, 1978.

George, Resurrection, Universal, 1980.

Dacey, Fort Apache the Bronx, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1981.

Kirkpatrick, Agent on Ice, Shapiro Entertainment, 1986.

Ludwig von Beethoven, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Orion, 1989.

Dr. Bruno, The Exorcist III (also known as The Exorcist III: Legion and William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist III), Twentieth Century–Fox, 1990.

Advisor, Pyrates, Vestron Video, 1991.

Charles Manning, Changes of Distance, 1996.

Francois Renard, Jewel of the Sahara, Keyser Productions/Sumatra Films, 2001.

Columbia University professor, Signs (also known as M. Night Shyamalan's Signs), Buena Vista, 2002.

Truman Hollowell, Pharaoh's Heart, 2002.

Film Director:

Changes of Distance, 1996.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Doc Thompson, A Woman Called Moses, NBC, 1978.

Fred Fielding, Blind Ambition (also known as The John Dean Story), CBS, 1979.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Theodore C. Sorensen, The Missiles of October, ABC, 1974.

Hall, " on Trial, CBS, 1975.

Matters of the Heart, USA Network, 1990.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Metellus, Androcles and the Lion (musical), NBC, 1967.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Night, Be Quiet," Star Tonight, ABC, 1955.

"The Bridge of San Luis Rey," The DuPont Show of the Month, CBS, 1958.

"A Phantom of Delight," Great Ghost Tales, NBC, 1961.

"Invitation to Treason," Armstrong Circle Theater (also known as Circle Theater), CBS, 1963.

Rich Stokely, "Point and Counterpoint," The Big Valley, ABC, 1969.

Dominic, "The Carrier," The Bold Ones: The Protectors, NBC, 1970.

Rabindranath, "The Hyland Confession," The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, NBC, 1971.

"Ketcham Power," Nichols, NBC, 1971.

Edmond Lake, "The Face of Murder," McMillan and Wife, NBC, 1972.

"The Hidden Enemy," Bonanza, NBC, 1972.

David Boyd, "Neighbors," The Mary Tyler Moore Show (also known as Mary Tyler Moore), CBS, 1974.

Ed Glenn, "Double Jeopardy," Matt Helm, ABC, 1975.

Jeff, "The Last Heir," Harry O, ABC, 1975.

Paul Levesque, "Lester Two," Harry O, ABC, 1975.

"The Vanished Man," Archer, NBC, 1975.

Denis, "Mother Love," Police Woman, NBC, 1976.

McCann, "The Death of a Dream," Police Woman, NBC, 1976.

Gordon Roclair, "Mother Goose Is Running for Her Life," Charlie's Angels, ABC, 1978.

Rod Hirst, Ryan's Hope, ABC, multiple episodes in 1981.

Webber, "Unpunished Crimes," The Equalizer, CBS, 1986.

Claude Faragere, "Murder a la Mode," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1995.

Mr. Olmstead, "Close to You," Party of Five, Fox, 1996.

Thomas Lambert, The O. J. Civil Trial, E! Entertainment Television, c. 1996.

Man, "A Man and a Woman," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1998.

Television evangelist, "The Getaway," It's Like, You Know..., ABC, 1999.

Ralph Kozinski, "Art," Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NBC, 2001.

Hotel manager, "Heart Like a Wheelchair," Will & Grace, NBC, 2003.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Grady, Ebony, Ivory and Jade, CBS, 1979.

Stage Appearances:

Scipio, Caligula, Fifty–Fourth Street Theatre, New York City, 1960.

Hank, Wildcat (musical), Alvin Theatre, New York City, 1960–1961.

Pasquale, The Aspern Papers, Playhouse Theatre, New York City, 1962.

Antipholus of Ephesus, The Boys from Syracuse (musical), Theatre Four, New York City, 1963–1964 (some sources cite 1969).

Professor Trixie and Dauber, The Cradle Will Rock (musical), Theatre Four, 1964–1965.

Edward Moncrief, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (musical), Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York City, 1965–1966 (some sources 1969).

Brother Locke, A Joyful Noise (musical), Mark Hellinger Theatre, 1966.

Edward Rutledge, 1776 (musical), Forty–Sixth Street Theatre, New York City, 1969–1970, then St. James Theatre, New York City, 1970–1971, later Majestic Theatre, New York City, 1971–1972.

Holy Places, American Place Theatre, New York City, 1979.

Standby for Guido Contini, Nine (musical), Forty–Sixth Street Theatre, 1982–1984.

Jacob, Potiphar, and guru, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (musical), Minskoff Theatre, New York City, 1993–1994.