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narcosis From the Greek word meaning ‘to benumb’. A soporific or insensible state; a state produced by a narcotic drug. Regrettably the word ‘narcotic’ has been misused, especially in the US, where various narcotic agencies seem to call all drugs of abuse ‘narcotics’, whether they be heroin or cocaine, though the latter produces a state opposite to narcosis.

Alan W. Cuthbert

See analgesia; drug; opiates and opioid drugs.
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nar·co·sis / närˈkōsis/ • n. Med. a state of stupor, drowsiness, or unconsciousness produced by drugs. See also nitrogen narcosis.

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narcosis (nar-koh-sis) n. a state of diminished consciousness or complete unconsciousness caused by the use of narcotic (i.e. opioid) drugs. The body's normal reactions to stimuli are diminished and the body may become sedated or completely anaesthetized.