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asphyxiacassia, glacier •apraxia, dyspraxia •banksia • eclampsia •estancia, fancier, financier, Landseer •intarsia, mahseer, Marcia, tarsier •bartsia, bilharzia •anorexia, dyslexia •intelligentsia • dyspepsia •Dacia, fascia •Felicia, Galicia, indicia, Lycia, Mysia •asphyxia, elixir, ixia •dossier • nausea •Andalusia, Lucia •overseer • Mercia • Hampshire •Berkshire • Caernarvonshire •Cheshire • differentia • Breconshire •Devonshire • Ayrshire •Galatia, Hypatia, solatia •alopecia, godetia, Helvetia •Alicia, Leticia •Derbyshire • Berwickshire •Cambridgeshire • Warwickshire •Argyllshire • quassia • Shropshire •Yorkshire • Staffordshire •Hertfordshire • Bedfordshire •Herefordshire • Oxfordshire •Forfarshire • Lancashire •Lincolnshire • Monmouthshire •Buckinghamshire • Nottinghamshire •Northamptonshire • Leicestershire •Wigtownshire • Worcestershire

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as·phyx·i·a / asˈfiksēə/ • n. a condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen, causing unconsciousness or death; suffocation. DERIVATIVES: as·phyx·i·al adj. as·phyx·i·ant / -sēənt/ adj. & n.

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asphyxia stoppage of the pulse, (hence) suffocation. XVIII. — modL. — Gr. asphuxíā, f. A-4 + sphúxis pulse, f. sphúzein beat, throb.
Hence asphyxiate (-ATE3), asphyxiation XIX.

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asphyxia (ă-sfiks-iă) n. suffocation: a life-threatening condition in which oxygen is prevented from reaching the tissues by obstruction of or damage to any part of the respiratory system.

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